Kids and Family

Happy kids make for Happy parents

The young at heart are not the only ones having fun at Maya Chan Beach. Our smaller sand lovers find plenty to do with snorkeling, kayaking, and sand castle building. It doesn’t take long for the little ones to discover the fun of lying in a hammock or sneaking a floatie out into the warm water while their parents sip a cool one under the shade of a private palapa. Our waters have a sandy bottom and stays shallow enough for the little ones to play safely under the watchful supervision of parents. There is no lifeguard on duty. The comfortable beach beds even make it fun to take a nap! Younger cruisers are always welcome to “belly up” to the bar and order their favorite drinks including soft drinks, juices, fruit smoothies, and virgin blended drinks. Our friendly bartenders have a unique concoction we invented with Oreo cookies for those who are especially lucky. Moms and dads enjoy this chocolate drink as wells, only with a little something extra blended in!

Maya Chan Beach has free Wi-Fi which helps our “connected generation” feel very much at home. Guests are encouraged to bring their smart devices to chat and send photos to their friends. And don’t forget how much fun it can be to stand in front of the web cam and wave to those less fortunate back in the real world!

Let’s face it: happy kids make for happy parents, and happy parents make for awesome days! And at Maya Chan Beach, we are all about those awesome days!

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